Hillary Could Be SoS If Not For Bill?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Billary, Foreign Policy, Hillary

Yes, once again, Bill gets in the way…

From This Week:

But there’s one significant complication: how to make sure that former President Clinton’s foreign speeches, business dealings and foundation work don’t present conflicts of interest. [...]

Here are some of the major questions that need to be addressed: How much public disclosure must there be of past foreign donations to the foundation? Is any more disclosure of foreign business and speaking income required? Are there other ways — short of or in addition to full disclosure — to vet for possible conflicts? Going forward, would the Clinton Foundation be permitted to continue soliciting foreign support? If so, under what conditions? How would the contributions be reviewed and vetted?

All of these questions can be answered, but getting there is complicated. It’s not done yet.

Hillary wouldn’t be where she is today without Bill, but is it also true that she can’t get any further because of Bill? I think we all saw how much damage he did during the primaries, and many of us guessed that he was pulling the strings behind the scenes. That turned out to be fairly accurate, so if you get Hillary, you also get Bill…and that’s not always the best deal.

Still, I think Bill could be a huge asset on the international scene and any potential problems he brings up would be offset by his star power and shrewdness. For president I didn’t like the idea of a “dynamic duo”, but in the Secretary of State capacity I’m fine with Hillary and Bill being a package deal.

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