African-American Mayoral Candidate Wants To Bring Back Noose To Mississippi

By Glenn Church | Related entries in Mississippi

cityhalljacksonA Republican black mayoral candidate in Jackson, Mississippi wants to bring back the noose to fight crime.

George Lambus is the only Republican in the dozen-candidate field for the office. He is considered a long shot in the heavily African-American and Democratic city.

The racially explosive subject has brought consternation to many residents. One resident said of Lambus’ platform: “It’s offensive, but it’s so ridiculous you don’t even know how to get mad.”

Still, Lambus feels it is the only way to get a handle on widespread crime. In his homemade flyers, Jackson wrote:

“Crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb. I will provide the noose and when the economy improves, I will get the jobs here.”

Despite being the only Republican in the field, the GOP is not backing Lambus because of his explosive views. Since Lambus is the only Republican, he will automatically advance to the run-off against the top Democrat.

The pistol-toting Lambus claimed that the Bible approves executions.

“If we look at the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, it’s driven with blood.”

Lambus may be the first African-American politician advocating the lynching of other African-Americans.

Lambus’ flyers refer to Jackson’s leaders as “incompetent negro Democrats.” He is distributing them in mostly white neighborhoods.

Lambus said things are getting worse for Jackson.

“We have a whole generation of blacks that will soon be negroes because they aren’t going to have an education or be able to marry.”

Lambus said many people slam doors in his face and walk out of forums when he is speaking. He doesn’t seem surprised by that either.


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5 Responses to “African-American Mayoral Candidate Wants To Bring Back Noose To Mississippi”

  1. Alistair Says:

    Even blacks can be racist to their own his behavior is no different than David Duke or the Aryan movement.

  2. Nick Benjamin Says:

    Some advice to the people of Jackson, Mississippi:
    Just smile, nod, and wait for the crazy man to away.

  3. kranky kritter Says:

    Thus the answer to the politician’s riddle of how to get noticed in a field of 12 people running.

    Now that he’s gotten attention, what will he say? I have no problem, in principle, with one candidate from a field of 12 saying something inflammatory in order to get noticed, so long as they can do something with it. Is that the case here? I kinda doubt it. But I won’t presume the guy is a nut based on a single inflammatory statement. Not yet.

    But quite possibly soon. :-)

    If this guy puts crime among poor minorities at the top of the issues list, he’s doing everyone a favor. The message this guy is toting happens to be one that cannot get serious traction these days unless the pol is a minority.

  4. Nick Benjamin Says:

    Lynching is murder. This guy is not anti-crime. He is not tough on crime. He is pro-murder, as long as the victim is someone he dislikes.

    I’m pretty sure this guy dislikes an awful lot of people who do not deserve to be ritually murdered.

  5. Michelle Doellman Says:

    Hi Glenn! We would like to potentially use the image included in the above posting in our upcoming issue of The Printed Blog. Please let me know at [email protected] if this is possible. Thanks!

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