Site Issues & Server Changes

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Technology

Sorry the site has been behaving weird for, well, a while. And it has been especially bad this last week. We were having some major database issues and very normal things were taking forever to load. And so the problems and so the frustration and my sincere apologies for all of it.

That’s why we’ve upgraded the server, cleaned up the database, reinstalled WordPress, rewritten/optimized some code, killed a goat, danced counterclockwise in the rain and began taking Scientology classes.

Hopefully that’ll fix it.

We shall see…

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5 Responses to “Site Issues & Server Changes”

  1. jakedahn Says:

    I would really like to emphasize the goat sacrament, it made the site load a whole two seconds faster!! Unbelievable.

  2. TerenceC Says:

    It is better today – I’m really good with this stuff – if you want me to look it over send an email with the D-Base, server type(s), load sharing if any, storage and stripe count and I can work up a design consult (no charge of course).

  3. Jim S Says:

    I was OK with everything until you hit the Scientology classes, Justin. Most of the old time fans and writers who “knew him when” aren’t surprised by or knew about this.

  4. BenG Says:


    My sympathies. We’ve been reformatting and cleaning out files on the kids pc’s on and off for last 6 mons now – malware mf’s! Watch 60 mins tonight and take notes!

  5. Nahidul Islam Says:

    Just released comprehensive study of Presidential candidate body language. NYU study of President Obama and Mitt Romney’s body language shows on a word by word basis what each candidate emphasizes.

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