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Lou Dobbs’ Ratings Drop Like They’re Hot

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Perhaps CNN will take note and boot him? After all, it seems the cable newsers will allow nearly anybody on air if it’ll boost ratings. But once ratings drop, well, sayonara.From New York Observer: Mr. Dobbs’ first began reporting on Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories on the night of Wednesday, July 15. In the roughly […]

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Poll: Only 42% Of Republicans Believe Obama Born In US

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A new Research 2000 poll reveals an incredibly disturbing view among registered Republicans. Because that means that 58% of them either believe he wasn’t born in the US or aren’t sure. That’s how far and deep this birthers’ nonsense has spread…from a racist chain email. Here’s the question and the party breakdowns… “Do you believe […]

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Texting and Driving

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Devil’s Advocate – In defense of the clueless but passionate among us

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I’m going to take on the role of devil’s advocate here. I understand how you would want to deride this young woman for her pretty abysmal ability to communicate what she cares about, but some people just don’t know much. But unlike most…  at least she’s trying. She cares enough about this to stand in […]

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What If Obama Walked Away From Health Care?

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Now that we’ve seen Obama’s approval start to dip, what would be the political repercussions for him to simply say, “Okay, I’ll kick this can down the road.” More at True/Slant. Tweet

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Obama’s Approval In Free Fall

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These things tend to ebb and flow, but it appears as if the health care debate (and probably the Gates incident) has really taken a toll on his popularity among independents and moderate Dems. Because those are the folks who usually keep his numbers closer to the mid 60s. First, there’s Gallup which shows Obama […]

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Poll: Palin And Romney Face Uphill Battle In 2012

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A new NBC/WSJ poll has some sobering news for both of the 2012 hopefuls. From MSNBC: Palin stepped down from office on Sunday, and could be eyeing a presidential bid in 2012. But according to the poll, a whopping 67 percent of Americans — and 43 percent of Republicans — say they would not like […]

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Big Banks Give $5.33 Billion In Bonuses

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And this is for 2008…a year when their failure nearly brought the entire world’s financial system to its knees. I don’t care if these bonuses were contractual or not. New circumstances (you know…like BANKRUPTCY!) could allow them to renegotiate with their employees. From the AP comes the list… Citigroup… Citigroup Inc., one of the biggest […]

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This Is What You Call A Low Information Voter

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I feel dumber for having seen this, but it’s so hilariously clueless that I couldn’t stop watching. (Stolen from BTB. Thx Doug!) Tweet

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SEIU Blues Puts Power in Moderates’ Shoes

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Not a whole lot of good has come the way to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) these days. The only organization I can think of that gets more right wing scorn has been ACORN, who I think mostly get picked on because they don’t fight back. Another ally, Health Care for America Now (HCAN), […]

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