Biden Says “No” to Stimulus Spending

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Here’s a story you don’t hear about too often: How many stimulus funding bids have been outright rejected? This month, the Vice President has been jet-setting around the U.S. to some of the small towns and cities receiving stimulus money, touting progress, job creation and success. Yet, behind the scenes, Biden might be feeling a bit anxious, as though a lot is riding on the use of stimulus money.

Policing states’ use of funding is just one of the many tasks assigned to this powerful VP, of course, but as Joe points out, his “rear end is on the line.” He told his aides to return any email or phone call from states in-need of guidance within 24 hours. In a conference call with the mayors, he told them, “It’s so important that you make sure — don’t get mad at me — that there are no water parks, golf courses or anything that doesn’t pass, not only the test of the law, but also the sniff test, because we’ve got to do this thing right.”

Let’s face it: no one wants another public backlash like the circus that occurred following AIG’s misuse of funds to whisk employees away on lavish business seminars or to pay exorbitant bonuses. So what is Sheriff Joe saying “no” to these days? Continue Reading…

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