Blue Dog Dems Reach House Health Agreement

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It boils down to this…a public option will remain, but co-ops will be part of the deal too.

This will likely pass in the House, and the public option will be booted from the Senate’s version.

More from MSNBC…

Then Roll Call…

House leaders, the White House and four Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee reached a deal Wednesday on a health care overhaul. The Energy panel will be resuming a markup of the measure at 4 p.m with plans to vote on the bill by Friday, according to Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), head of the Blue Dog health care task force, said the deal would cut more than $100 billion from the Democratic health bill, increase exemptions for small businesses and prevent the public insurance option from basing reimbursements on Medicare rates.

As mentioned above, no doubt there will be a fight between keeping the public option or just going full force for the co-op option. Personally, even if having a public option is better, I think that position is untenable in the Senate because it can’t garner 60 votes.

We shall see…

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3 Responses to “Blue Dog Dems Reach House Health Agreement”

  1. Alistair Says:

    I think that President Obama will you the reconciliation process, with just 50 votes to get Public Option.

  2. Nick Benjamin Says:

    Conference committee reports can’t be filibustered. So if the conference committee keeps the public option the bill only needs 50 votes + Biden. One reason Obama doesn’t have an official plan yet is because he knows 99% of the stuff we argue about today won’t matter. If both houses pass a bill containing the words “health care” there will be a conference committee. And whatever that committee produces will be subject to an up-or-down vote.

    The public option will survive conference committee because Pelosi is adamant about it, as is most of the House Democratic caucus. And apparently Pelosi’s convinced enough blue dogs that an outright majority of the House wants a public option.

    The Conference Report can afford to offend all Republicans in DC. It can afford to offend the 10 most moderate Democrats. It cannot afford to offend 218 House Democrats.

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