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How Bloodstain Analysis Works (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law Enforcement

When a crime scene involves blood, the outcome of the situation was probably a sever injury, or worse yet, death. When that happens, law enforcement officials call upon experts in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), to figure out what happened. Blood can tell a lot about what happened to a person with a […]

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Raising the Dumb Ceiling

By donar | Related entries in News


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Republicans To Obama: We’ll Let YOU Raise The Debt Ceiling

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Deficit, Democrats, Money, Obama, Republicans

This is one of those times that I don’t know if this is a brilliant political move or absolutely foolish. Wash Post has details… It works like this: The plan “would give the President the ability to request smaller increases in the debt ceiling — coupled with proposed spending cuts of at least $2.5 trillion […]

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South Sudan Now A New Country

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in Media, News

So, as I was drinking my coffee and combing through my Facebook feed this morning (because I just don’t get the Google+ thing), I stumbled across this article and found it most interesting: South Sudan has become the world’s newest nation, the climax of a process made possible by the 2005 peace deal that ended […]

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Job Numbers Worsen Overall. Corporate Profits Continue To Flourish.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Business, Jobs, Money

You can’t look at today’s news and do anything but wince. 18,000 jobs created and the numbers in April and May were revised downward. Unpacking the numbers a bit, 57,000 private sector jobs were created, while budget cuts pushed 39,000 folks out of work in the public sector. So how are businesses doing? Quite well… […]

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Iron Lady Preview

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in England, History, Video

The story of Margaret Thatcher is set to hit the big screens in 2012 and here’s a glimpse… I think it’s a winner. Your thoughts? Tweet

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Who’s kidding who?

By Jacob | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, News, Republicans

JinBmore tells me what I don’t want to hear: I have two words for you: “President Bachmann”. They laughed about Reagan the same way they do about her. My immediate feeling is that independents and centrists will never vote for her and they will decide the 2012 election. After some consideration it seems that less-informed, […]

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A Day in the Life of a Prisoner (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law, Law Enforcement

As we’ve covered before on Donklephant, while the US justice system is one of the best in the world, it is not without flaws. Every once in a while someone gets wrongfully convicted. As John Adams famously said, “It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished”. But what […]

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The Budget Battle In Perspective

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Money, Republicans

I think David Brooks frames the debate pretty effectively… If the Republican Party were a normal party, it would take advantage of this amazing moment. It is being offered the deal of the century: trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred billion dollars of revenue increases. A normal Republican Party […]

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