Previewing Tonight’s Republican Debate

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Republicans, Video

In a little less than an hour, all of the GOP hopefuls will go toe to toe. We’ll also get to see Rick Perry in action, which should prove interesting given how high conservatives seem to be on him right now.

Politico gives a great preview of what to look for. Check it out…

In my mind, Romney has to just be okay, but Perry has to shine. This is his coming out party and if he’s mediocre, the excitement will wane.

However, more than anything, folks like Huntsman and Gingrich and Bachmann needs to give voters a reason why they should pay attention to them. Bachmann is really the only one making haying in that group, but she still has a tough hill to climb since Perry has stolen her fire as of late.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Mr. Ron Paul, who can’t seem to get anybody to pay attention to him. If he acts somewhat reasonable in the conservative base’s eyes, he might get some traction, but something tells me that Paul’s audience is already baked in and he won’t be pulling much additional support his way. You either are for Ron Paul or you’re not. There’s very little in between.

So those are my thoughts. What are yours?

Or, watch it live!

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2 Responses to “Previewing Tonight’s Republican Debate”

  1. mdgeorge Says:

    My quick reactions: I actually liked Cain…he seemed to be the only one actually proposing anything of substance, other than “I’m the most experienced,” or “I love Ronald Reagan more than the next guy”. Well, there was Paul, but “they’re building fences to keep us in”? Really?

    Completely unimpressed with Santorum, Bachmann, and Huntsman. Also unimpressed with the format, which focused entirely on Mitt and Perry. Unimpressed with the postgame fixation on how Romney wants to save social security by privatizing it, whereas Perry wants to abolish it by privatizing it.

    Stomach turned at the cheers for killing lots of people.

  2. mdgeorge Says:

    Interesting to compare the obama speech to the debate. Seems a pretty clear distinction between the two parties: Democrats want stimulus paid for with taxes, Republicans want deregulation and tax cuts paid for with spending cuts.

    From my perspective, stimulus just makes more sense right now – I find it much easier to buy the argument that the slump is demand side and not supply side, especially given the heaps of cash sitting around (and cheap cash from the fed), and the heaps of unemployed people sitting around.

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