Jeb Bush Wants Rubio for VEEP

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Elections, Obama, Romney, Rubio, Veep

He told Romney that the Freshman Senator was ready to take the top spot recently.

From the Miami Herald:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thinks Sen. Marco Rubio is ready to be vice president and he shared those thoughts with presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, he said Wednesday.

Bush said he has been a huge fan of Rubio’s for years and hopes that Romney chooses him. He said he made his pitch to Romney in a recent conversation, but the former Massachusetts governor didn’t reveal which direction he was leaning. Bush said the choice is a personal one and respects Romney for keeping his thoughts close to his vest.

The fact remains that Romney needs to get the Hispanic vote this election. And a pick from Virginia or Ohio wouldn’t do that.

And even though Rubio has said, and I paraphrase, “It ain’t happening,” I think that this could be a surprise that Romney needs.

More as it develops…

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2 Responses to “Jeb Bush Wants Rubio for VEEP”

  1. mw Says:

    I’ve been saying it had to be Rubio all along. He helps with Florida, He helps with Hispanics, he helps with independents, he fires up the Tea Party. What else could Romney possibly want in a running mate?

    That said, Rubio finally convinced me he was sincere that he was not interested in this go-round. So I dunno WTF Romney is going to do.

  2. Jim S Says:

    I don’t know that Rubio would actually help with Hispanics in other parts of the country. Florida, sure. But my understanding is that a lot of Hispanics resent being lumped together and don’t really relate that much to the Cuban communities in Florida. And Rubio has gone along so meekly with much of the Republican agenda that those Hispanics don’t agree with that it’s another strike against him in that community. Then there’s the whole question of having a VP candidate with more charisma than the Presidential candidate.

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