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William Ayers Talks About His “Pal” Barack Obama

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It was reported after the election ended that the link between Obama and Ayers was first introduced on the campaign trail prematurely by Palin, and then McCain was forced to join in. But the blogs were talking about them long before that. One meme even emerged that Ayers wrote Obama’s first book, and even though […]

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Newsweek: Palin Fought Decisions Behind The Scenes

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Yes, she actually did go rogue, and even more so than previously thought. The William Ayers thing is telling and suggests that she definitely has killer political instincts. Nothing wrong with that, but it definitely reinforces the image of Palin as the “mean girl.” However, the news that she was unwilling to share the stage […]

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McCain Will Talk About Ayers At Debate

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ayers, Barack, Debates, McCain

Uh oh…here we go. McCain is set to hammer the last nail into his presidential coffin tomorrow. From CNN: The comments, during an interview with St. Louis radio station KMOX, come after Obama and Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden were sharply critical of McCain for targeting the Illinois senator over Ayers at campaign rallies, but […]

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Quote Of The Day

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ayers, Barack, McCain, Quotes

“Very frankly, Dana, I don’t give a damn about an old unrepentant terrorist.” – John McCain in response to Dana Bash’s question about his Ayers attacks on Obama. So I guess the Ayers strategy is now officially off the table? This just keeps getting weirder and weirder… UPDATE: Apparently he cares enough to promise to […]

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Filtering Out the Background Noise

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Ayers, Barack, McCain, Partisan Nonsense

In a column for Pajamas Media, conservative scholar and essayist Victor Davis Hanson fights back against the trickle of conservatives who’ve bailed on John McCain. Hanson notes that the “nasty McCain campaign” isn’t particularly loathsome in historical context and that Barack Obama supporters have smeared McCain and Palin just as harshly. He touches on a […]

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National Review: Ayers Wrote Obama’s Dreams from My Father

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Check out this delightfully nonsensical bit of jealousy… There has been speculation about this which I’ve ignored, no doubt because there are enough policy reasons to oppose Barack Obama and I don’t want to feed into what sounds, at first blush, like Vince Fosteresque paranoia. But I’ve finally read Jack Cashill’s lengthy analysis in The […]

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Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ayers, Barack, McCain, Palin, Video

You know, I’ve been trying to put my finger on why the Bill Ayers stuff bugs me so much. Sure, it’s an absurd charge, but now I think I realize why it really bothers me. Why would the McCain campaign put Sarah Palin out there to ask “Who is the real Barack Obama?” when 95% […]

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And Now…McCain’s Ayers Ad

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They were just mentioning it in campaign speeches, but now the campaign is diving in with the following ad…which looks like it’s really just created for the web since it’s 1:30 seconds long. But hey, maybe they’re pouring a bunch of money into it. Not that this is any surprise, but I sincerely hope that […]

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David Frum: Ayers Won’t Work

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Grasping at straws and coming up with nothing. That’s how Frum seems to be characterizing Republican’s attempt to paint Obama as a radical’s best buddy. From NRO: My pals over at the Corner are very excited by the last-minute attempt to transform Bill Ayers into the Willie Horton of 2008. Well, good luck In 1988, […]

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Palin Claims Obama “Pals Around With Terrorists”

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If this is all they’ve got, I truly feel sorry for them. From The Page comes this direct quote: There’s been a lot of interest in what I read lately. Well, I was reading my copy of today’s New York Times and I was really interested to read about Barack’s friends from Chicago. Turns out, […]

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