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You Can Now Play an Unofficial Half-Life 3


Half-Life 3 has reached a status of becoming a myth, after year and years of memes and bad jokes. As time passed by, gamers have lost any hope but modders came to their rescue as they twisted Half-Life 2 into new gameplay situations which aim at creating a different and probably a sequel out of the last one.

Marc Laidlaw’s Draft is the Modders’ Inspiration

The modded version is playable and revolves around an epistle which was written by Marc Laidlaw, a previous Valve employee. His epistle was a draft for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 which later started to be referred as Half-Life 3. Through the draft Laidlaw would have tied some loose ends and solve the cliffhanger from Half-Life 2.

By publishing the draft to Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Laidlaw also hinted that Valve wouldn’t consider continuing the story and it would have been okay to publish it without any consequences.

So modders joined hands and brought Laidlaw’s story to life. The first mod can be found on the Blendo Games page. It’s a rough mod which will probably be an inspiration for the next ones.

Players are Pleased but Also Angry

Along with this mod, players have had mixed feelings. There’s happiness for seeing some Half-Life love from modders and also anger at Valve who has forsaken a beloved game and left their players on a cliffhanger. They’re mad at Valve because they forgot to work on the game which actually contributed to their fame and instead of continuing the series they focused on Dota 2 card game and other projects that involve microtransactions.

Modders around the world have advised gamers to try and create their own version of Half Life 3. What if we’ll see more of Half Life 3 in the unofficial versions? Will that quench the fans’ thirst or make it worse?

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