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Clash of Clans: The Anticipated Update Expected to Come Very Soon


No one who is a video game fan is unfamiliar with the popular mobile MMO app, Clash of Clans. When it was released for the iOS platform in 2012 and for Android devices a year later, the game became an instant hit. It topped the charts, so to speak, as the highest grossing app in Apple’s App Store while the developer, Supercell, earned around $892 million in profits in 2013.

What makes it an exciting and popular free game app is the thrill a player gets from defending its base from attackers, who are also players of the game. It requires constant playing since invaders can raid your base and ransack your resources. If you go offline even for a short period of time, you risk having to start from scratch since your base is open for others to attack. This is also why top players are those who play the game or at least stay online for more than half of the day.

Clash of Clans Update Rumors

Since talks about an April update have been around for some time, Supercell has finally made an announcement on its official Facebook page and confirmed it is indeed coming. To make it more exciting, it said that this one will be bigger than the updates they have come up in the past.

However, they are not ready to get into details and have decided to keep mum about it. Still, rumors are surfacing that the much-awaited update will include a “shipwreck” feature and that there is a new button some players have already encountered, albeit, it is not yet functional. If rumors are true, this will be used by players to change their villages.

Another intriguing rumor has something to do with the “freeze spell”.  According to reports, it has been reduced down to 3,500 elixirs from 35,000. This might seem to be a dramatic change but this can make the game much easier for players.

Clash of Clans remains to be popular because of its simplicity. And with its April update rumors of exclusive items and spells, this popularity is far from declining for a long time.

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