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Clash of Clans Has Changed Forever


Even if you’re now a Clash of Clans player or fan, you still remember how much of an event its May update was at the time. After Supercell, the game’s developer and publisher, teased the hell out of the update, it finally arrived and looked totally different than we had imagined. While the short video teasers were about ships and sailing and whatnot, the update itself was officially titled Builder Base, while we all referred to it as Shipwreck because of all the trailers. However, that’s beyond the point.

The Clash of Clans Builder Base update was highly anticipated and hyped, and naturally as it’s traditional with Supercell, it eventually delivered even more than we had initially expected. But something else happened as well in the process of adjustment that followed the May update for Clash of Clans. What? Well, the face of Clash of Clans changed so drastically that many people are now saying that Clash of Clans after the update feels more like Clash of Clans 2. So basically the Builder Base update turned the game into a sequel for itself.

But why? Well, first of all it introduced a totally new game mode. Clash of Clans now has Versus Battle mode thanks to the Builder Base update, a feature that its sister game Clash Royale had since the beginning. You can only imagine how this changes the gameplay dramatically. So this new feature alone was enough to make Clash of Clans feel like another game entirely. There are other massive changes too: Barbarians now have rage boosts, Archers have cloaks that last for a few seconds and so on.

All in all, this is why everyone (including us) claims that Clash of Clans now feels like Clash of Clans 2. What do you think?

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