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Clash of Clans New Update Comes with Town Hall Changes and a Boat


According to a Supercell Moderator, the Clash of Clans new update will NOT be released until May 11, 2017. However, in the same forum thread, it said that this doesn’t mean that it will be released on May 12, 2017.

In the same forum thread, the moderator has also mentioned some of the things that this update will come with and some others that will NOT come with, as follows:

  • There will NOT be a Town Hall level 12;
  • There will NOT be level 13 walls;
  • The update will be a major and unique one;
  • There will be no new hero levels;
  • There will be a boat that you will need to repair in order to use it.

Well, the company has already revealed a few days ago the video with the boat and everyone knew that that it will be introduced in the game. However, it is not sure yet what it will be used for after you manage to repair it. We remind you that some previous rumors were suggesting that the boat will just be used to switch from a village to another, as this update will allow you to own two villages with a single account. We think that the second village will be available once you repair the boat.

Since this update will be a major one, we think that there are more new features and options that will be added to the game. Unfortunately, Supercell doesn’t want to reveal more information about this update yet and we will need to wait a few more days until it will finally be released.

While an exact release date has not been revealed yet, we think that this update will be released sometime in the middle of the month, so it will most likely happen sometime during the next week.

Are you playing Clash of Clans? What new features and options would you want to be added to this game?

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