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Clash Of Clans Jump Spell Event Released With Very Low Prices


The awaited “Jump Spell” event has been added to the Clash of Clans, which means that the players are now able to purchase Jump Spells at a very low price. In fact, Supercell has decided to cut down the price of the mentioned spell by 90%, which is quite impressive.

We remind you that Freeze Spell event has already ended, which means that now the players will have to switch to Jump Spells for their raids and wars. As most of you have figured it out already, the “Jump Spell” will allow your troops to jump over walls, which will allow them to get to the defensive structures faster.

The level 1 Jump Spell, which is affecting the troops only for 20 seconds, now costs only 2300 elixir instead of 23000 elixir. The level 2 Jump Spell can be purchased only for 2700 elixir instead of 27000 elixir and it’s affecting your troops for 40 seconds. Finally, for the level 3 Jump Spell you will need to pay only 3100 elixir instead of 31000 elixir and it’s affecting your troops for 60 seconds.

Other than this discount, the “Clash of Clash” Jump Spell event doesn’t bring anything new to the game. However, there are some rumors saying that a big update is being prepared for the game. A shipwreck feature is expected to be added to the game, which will allow you to have access to ships. It is rumored that you will be able to use these ships in your raids, which will be quite impressive.

Unfortunately, Supercell has not mentioned anything about ships yet, but this would not be the first time when the developer stays mum about an upcoming feature and after that it releases it, surprising all players.

Some other rumors are saying that a new update will allow you to have access to multiple villages. This addition will be pretty good, as there are many players who get bored while they are waiting for the troops to train between raids.

This rumored major “Clash of Clans” update is expected to be released before the end of April 2017, and since there are only ten days left from this month, Supercell might reveal some official news about it sometime soon.

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