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Clash of Clans Shipwreck Update Launch Between May 16 and 18


It’s no secret that Clash of Clans is everyone’s favorite online multiplayer strategy game. Worldwide players love it for the endless sea of gameplay possibilities it offers them. However, it’s only normal that they always demand more new features, especially seeing that it’s an online game, so the opportunities for it to grow are endless.

And now, the update everyone has been asking for seems to finally be coming. We’re talking about the Shipwreck update, of course. The update is desired by gamers because it allows them to do an unprecedented thing: manage multiple villages at the same time. This hasn’t been possible in the game so far, and many people wanted it, so Supercell is finally bringing it out!

The coveted update has already received its second teaser so far, which shows our favorite gang of three wanting to make new friends (Skeleton friends) once they reach the new, unexplored shore. You can watch the video below.

And now, Supercell has also announced a date for the big update, and it seems like it will happen sometime between May 16 and 18. That’s really soon, but can they make it? Keep reading to find out.

Shipwreck Update Sticking to Date

Fortunately, a moderator for Supercell has given an official statement and assured everyone that the update will be coming in the announced time frame, namely sometime between the 16th and 18th of May. That’s really great news! Players were beginning to doubt that the update will meet the set launch date due to rumors that developers were encountering bumps in the road to finishing up all the features that will come with it. It feels good to know that those were just rumors.

What about you? Are you excited for the Shipwreck update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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