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Clash Royale Heal Spell Card Update Available to Download


A new update has been released for Clash Royale and it has brought a new card called “Heal,” which, as expected, will heal your troops. The Heal card costs 3 Elixir and it will heal your units every 0.5 seconds over 3 seconds for 176 heal per second at level 7.

In other words, this new card can really turn the match around if played at the right time and on the right troops. We have to mention that in order to unlock this card, you will need to get to Arena 10, Hog Mountain.

We have to mention that the Heal card also has its own Draft Challenge that can be played during the weekend, which can be quite good for the players who are already familiar with how to play it. However, for the rest of you, today is the day that you can get your hands on it, or at least, on your virtual ones.

If you are asking yourself why you would put the Heal spell card in your deck, then the answer is pretty simple: to keep your troops alive. Many players will probably ignore this card, but you should know that the Heal card can be a direct answer to the Poison card that the other player just used on you. The only downside of playing the Heal card vs. the Poison card is that the latter card lasts longer.

Keep in mind that Heal card will NOT heal any dead troops, so don’t try using it on weak troops that will most likely be one-shot. This card will most likely be used for the cards that have high health-points.

What are your thoughts about the new Heal spell card that was added to the Clash Royale? What other support card would you like to see added in Clash Royale?

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