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Clash Royale To Receive A New Draft Challenge


Clash Royale is a card based PvP game, where the players need to collect cards and use them to destroy their enemy. The game has become very popular because it is inspired from Clash of Clans, another game developed by Supercell.

Clash Royale has received the Bandit Card last month and it seems that the players are now waiting for three more cards. According to the latest reports, there is a card that will hit the game sometime soon.

The three cards that are waiting to be released in Clash Royale are: Night Witch, Bats and Heal. We remind you that the Bandit Draft Challenge has allowed you to get the “Bandit” card and the next card that you will be able to unlock via a Challenge is the Night Witch.

The upcoming challenge will be called “Insane Draft Challenge” and it is expected to be available sometime in the following days. This new challenge will also allow you to double the elixir that you use while signing and the option choose any deck. However, there will be a number of matches that you need to win before you can unlock the Night Witch (which is rumored to be re-named to Dark Witch before the challenge kicks in).

The Night Witch will be able to spawn bats and by using this card at the right time you will be able to turn the match in your favor. Here are the rewards that you will get once you will be able to get, depending on how many matches you win:

  • Giant safe;
  • 20 Dark Prince cards;
  • 100 Gems;
  • 5000 Gold;
  • Night Witch (Dark Witch).

However, it is not sure yet how many wins you will need for each of the mentioned prizes. As expected, for the “Night Witch” you will need a good amount of wins, but it is not sure how many yet.

We have to mention that the information has been found inside the files of the game, which means that the developers are most likely experimenting stuff before bringing the challenge to public.

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