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Clash Royale Update to Come with Ship Card and New Improvements


As many of you already know, Clash Royale card game has been inspired from Clash of Clans. Well, the Clash of Clans game is about to receive a major update that will bring many new features and one of them is ship/boat addition.

This means that Supercell might also consider bringing a ship/boat card to the Clash Royale game. Unfortunately, Supercell has not confirmed yet that it is planning to bring a card like this on Clash Royale.

We also have to mention that the arenas and maps that are currently available in Clash Royale are conducive for water battles. At the same time, the water that separates one player from another could also be used by the new card.

However, ship wars battle is not the only new feature that Clash Royale players want to see being added to their favorite game. It seems that the fans want to see additional aerial defense, especially since Supercell has brought air offenses such as Balloons, Rocket and Baby Dragons to the game, which are causing some issues for some players.

At the same time, the players want to see legendary cards being included in the rewards line-up without needing to reach the legendary arena for them. We have to mention that this game is already one year old, but the players have already started to get quite bored of it, as it becomes monotonous.

That being said, Supercell needs to bring soon a new update for Clash Royale game or it will start losing many players because they are getting bored of it. Unfortunately, the game developing company has not mentioned anything about a new update for the “Clash Royale” and we think that it will take a while until some new cards and features will be finally brought to this game.

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