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Dead Space 4 Without Visceral Games Might Take On New Challenges


There is an ongoing development regarding Dead Space 4, as Electronics Arts already closed Visceral Games. This was after EA was under hot water due to loot box controversy.


Stunning Revelation

The studio has been behind the hit survival-horror game Dead Space. Thus, its senior game development director has aired some of the things that perhaps everyone deserves to know.

The closure of Visceral Games has had some reasons behind it, including the development of a linear, single player game. For instance, the game called Cuphead is one that offers a single game mode but still a success.

A new studio would take on the development of the Dead Space franchise. Well, this could work, but there might be some issues for people in the industry, as do some of the gamers.

Dead Space 4 Still Possible Without Visceral Games

For this matter, the upcoming release of Dead Space 4 might be developed without Visceral Games. Thus, it could be handled by another studio for that matter.

The problem with this set up is that many fans are looking forward to have another entry but with more intense features. This is because they would prefer this to be released on Xbox One or PS4.

Electronic Arts Still Mum On The Matter

However, reports say that EA’s closure of Visceral Games has had people wondering if there will ever be another follow up to the popular game. In fact, EA has been silent regarding the matter, but Dead Space 4 has not been in the works nor has been under development yet.

Needless to say, the risk of putting the next installment of Dead Space to some untested developers is clear. This is perhaps the reason why fans have suggested the idea that former developers would license the property.

However, this will not likely happen, given this setup. More so, you can rest assured that the next Dead Space has not been cancelled in circulation, but it might not be in the offing either.

Fans Definitely Want Dead Space 4

The only assurance about Dead Space 4 is that the fans wanted the game badly. Nevertheless, the game is still lying around, but it doesn’t mean that the production is already stopped.

EA didn’t confirm the development of the game, but the only thing for sure is the release date that could happen in the next 2 years when Dead Space 4 will be announced soon.

Possible Release Date

Dead Space 4 was once expected to be released in 2018, but since the staff behind Visceral Games left, this might be extended to a later date. In fact, the most probable date of release would be in 2020.

If the game will be finally released, fans will be expecting new features and new breed of Necromorphs. This will be a lot different from the previous game plot, making it more interesting to the fans.

Dead Space 4 should become even more challenging with the unexpected strength of the antagonists in the game. Thus, fans couldn’t wait to play the next big release date.

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