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Destiny 2 Available Soon for Windows PC on Game’s Official Website


As we’ve told you in a previous article, the upcoming “Destiny 2” game is expected to be released for Windows PC also. Everyone was trying to guess on which platform the game will be available on and it seems that we finally got the answer.

It seems that “Destiny 2” PC version will be available via “Steam,” one of the most popular digital distributor for PC gaming. Some earlier reports were suggesting that the publisher will launch its own platform, like Blizzard with its, but it seems that the company has decided to make its life easier and just launch it on Steam.

However, Bungie and Activision has not made an official announcement regarding where exactly you will be able to purchase the PC version of the Destiny 2 game. The good news is that the “PC” version is available on the official “Destiny 2” game website, which means that no matter what the game will also be available for gamers that play games on their computers.

The bad news about “Destiny 2” getting released for Windows PC is that there are higher chances that the game will be exposed to hacks, cheats and bots, which will give a big headache to the game developers. However, the good news is that if you play this game on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will not have to worry about that, as each platform will have its own multiplayer server.

In concordance with GameRant, the upcoming “Destiny 2” will bring new abilities and combat classes to the game. As expected, Titans, Warlocks and Hunters will also be added to the game, but it is not sure yet if they will have similar abilities or they will come with completely new ones. To make things even more interesting, there are also reports suggesting that Bungie will also bring new “subclasses” or “skill tree” to the game.

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