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GTA 5 Online Top-Down Camera Comes with New Features and Fixes


Just like the team previously promised, Grand Theft Auto V will be heading towards an old-school style, given the new mode to arrive to GTA Online. Before switching to a traditional 3rd person perspective and becoming one of the most successful franchises in the entire world, the Grand Theft Auto game had the option of a top-down camera view. And it seems that the developers are getting nostalgic, since they are planning to bring back this, together with Tiny Racers.

What Is Tiny Racers?

Tiny Racers refers to a new approach to the stunt races inside the game. This means that you can get the chance to force the perspective to an overhead one, just like you did in GTA and GTA 2. Sadly, we don’t know more about the release just yet. What we do know is the fact that it will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and, of course, PC, on April 25. However, besides the official trailer that was released, we still don’t know anything else.

But There’s More for Us

Even so, while we are sitting here waiting for the upcoming, the developers thought about us and wanted to ease our suffering. As such, Rockstar offered one-day bonuses for the GTA Online game just to celebrate the 4/20 date yesterday. Only yesterday you could get weed farm business upgrades, as well as regular business upgrades, just for 50% of their regular price. Moreover, all the profits from weed sales will receive 50% more money.

If you go to the LS Customs, you can also get half price for the green tire smoke update. They are indeed some consistent bonuses, and many people took advantage of them yesterday. At the same time, they come together with the previous bonuses Rockstar announced in the beginning of the week, when they offered exclusive content to everybody.

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