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How Long Is Steam Summer Sale 2018? We Have the Latest News!


As the much-anticipated Steam Summer Sale 2018 is nearing its commencement, the excitement is intense. We’re confident that serious gamers are already gearing up for that day.

Others are saving up in order to buy some great deals during the sale. Some are also creating their own wish lists as we speak. Since this is the biggest Steam sale of the year, it’s only right to get ready for it.


Set the date!

Now that SteamDB has already put the speculations to rest throughout sites and forums all over the internet, the suspense has now become more real as the day draws even closer.

According to SteamDB, they upcoming huge sale will commence on June 21. On that third Thursday of June, well-loved games and packages sold on Steam will present great deals and discounts that run from 15 percent up to 90 percent!

While SteamDB recognizes themselves as a third-party application that supports Steam, their announcements are reliable as they have been consistently sharing accurate Steam-related news and updates on their social media handles.

How long is the Steam Summer Sale 2018?

After they dropped the news regarding the sale on Twitter, people are now wondering how long the Steam Summer Sale 2018 will be. Much of the fan speculations are based on the Steam Summer Sales in the past. So, how long is it going to be?

Well, it looks like Valve likes to keep the suspense. To date, the Luckily, Polygon, Vox Media’s tech news site, shared a little bit news regarding the matter.

Is June 21 the beginning of Steam Summer Sale 2018?

According to the piece, a screenshot from the Steam subreddit has leaked that the Steam Summer Sale 2018 will begin on June 21 at 9:55 a.m. PT and ends on July 5 at 10:05 a.m. PT.

The dates and the entire sale run reflects similarly to the past summer sales from Valve which is why, fans think that the timing is reasonable or trustworthy enough.

While Valve, has not confirmed these rumors, leaks, and speculations, it definitely did not stop fans from getting ready for the upcoming great sale.

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