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Major Gaming Challenges Announced for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One


From what it seems, the Sony PlayStation 4 is keen on dominating the market this year. However, the other rivals are not wasting time either, and as we can see Nintendo Switch reached some impressive sales, while Microsoft wants to release the Xbox Scorpio. Needless to say, everybody is expecting the upcoming major gaming reveal so that they can sell more of their machines. In this context, a recent announcement has turned all the heads.

Major Gaming Challenges

Currently, you can find the Early Access version of the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam. However, now we also received the confirmation that the developers are working to prepare it for consoles too. With the help of the Preview scheme, we will also get the chance to play it on the Microsoft Xbox One.

Bluehole, the Battlegrounds developer, has made the news public previously this week, even though they’re not ready yet to give us a release date. According to a report published by Business Insider, Brendan Green declared that the team is already working on the task of porting it at least to the Xbox One console.

What Is the Game About?

Battlegrouns is a game that takes place on a remote island. There, 100 players have to compete for survival, which is similar to other games such as ARK Survival Evolved and DayZ. Usually, this game takes quite a while, since players have to get themselves weapons, armor and supplies if they want to defeat other players. Moreover, the game has truly been a hit for the PC.

According to the developers, Battlegrounds has been bought more than 2 million times on Steam. Gang-Seok Kim, who is the CEO of Bluehole Inc., said that the high number is due to the dedicated communicate that takes an active part into the game development.

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