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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ High Noon Heleus – Tasks, Maps and Clues


Here’s the complete walkthrough of the “High Noon” Heleus assignment for Mass Effect: Andromeda fans.

Settling Kadara is a challenging task but here are the mission’s main tasks as you settle Kadara. You have to look for signs of violence in Kadara port between rival factions, and this mission is the easiest to find.


Murder in Kadara

You first have to scan the corpse near the guards and then speak to Reyes about the murders in order to get a new mission.

A People Divided

Follow your map and HUD to get to the crime scene to the west of Kadara. Scan all the clues, as soon as you get inside: the bottle, the foot lockers, the blood spatter, the deceased krogan, the frying pan, the footprints and the knife.

Go south to the hideout to meet Reyes. Defeat the roekaar, after Reyes forces the fight, and then leave the hideout. Work with Reyes.

Precious Cargo

Go to Krallas’s Song to meet Reyes, and then head for the meeting spot at Spirit’s Ledge. Look for a terminal behind some rocks as a sign for Zia’s meeting. Examine the dead drop, meet Reyes and shoot the smugglers.

You should investigate drug use in Kadara slums, and then help Dr. Nakamoto retrieve the formula. Here comes the Modern Medicine mission.

Modern Medicine

Talk to Dr. Nakamoto, and then go to his old lab, north-northeast of Kadara port. After defeating the guards, find Dr. Farenth inside the lab and retrieve the formula. Now return to Dr. Nakamoto.

Ask the Outcast leadership about the trouble on Kadara and help Kaetus.

Behind Enemy Lines

Search for signs of kett on Kadara and speak to the survivor. After you see the kett tracks, go to their hideout. Shoot the kett and defeat them.

Return to the Tempest, check your email and answer Reyes. Attend Sloane’s party with him.

Night on the Town

Meet Reyes at Outcast headquarters. Mingle with the party guests and find Reyes. After the party, meet Sloane.

High Noon

Speak to Sloane after meeting him at the Charlatan’s specified location, outside the cave in Kadara port. Find out that Reyes is the Charlatan and that a sniper is waiting for Sloane. If you save him, everything on Kadara remains the same. If you don’t save him, Reyes and the Colletive will take over on Kadara.

Stabilize Kadara’s environment as you reset the vault, before completing “Healing Kadara’s Heart”.

Create an outpost and this is pretty much the whole thing.

Try the walkthrough and tell us how it all went.

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