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Mass Effect Andromeda Next MAJOR Gameplay Update


From what it seems, BioWare might release some new changes and improvements to animations as part of their upcoming major update. BioWare has recently announced their fans that they might enjoy a new update to Mass Effect Andromeda very soon. Michael Gamble has declared for the Twitter followers that the team is still working on patches, as well as the other things they have previously announced.

Possible Release Date?

However, when he was asked about a possible release date for the upcoming update, Gamble said that the next one should be out “soon”. These changes are a response to the slew of negative scores Mass Effect Andromeda has been receiving recently, and BioWare has indeed promised to take care of this and to come up with some improvements both for the single- and the multi-player modes.

In a blog post that was published recently, the studio declared that ever since the release, the entire studio has been analyzing thoroughly the comments and the overall feedback. They tried to discover what is it that people like about the game and what areas can they improve or evolve.

What Changes Will Be Available?

Among the changes that the team developed we can count more options for the character creator, more romance options for the famous Scott Ryder, changes to conversation options for the Hainly Abrams, plus other improvements in the appearance of characters. It goes without saying that fans should also expect the game to perform better and to be more stable. What’s even more interesting is that they will also include some free cosmetic items available for single player.

The online game has already received several balance changes, since many fans have been complaining about the Biotic and Tech powers. BioWare might also release a new Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, since they have already released a small story event in the conclusion of the game.

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