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Minecraft Best Survival Tips to Reach the Top


Minecraft is currently one of the most played games on consoles, PC and mobile devices. Today we will give you some tips that you can use while playing this game in “Survival” mode.

Safe Digging

Digging underground in Minecraft is very risky, because you can always fall into lava and die. This is the reason why you should never rush while digging underground and be very careful on what you’re about to stop, as there can always be lava, falling sand or graven and more.

HINT: Stop the flowing lava with blocks such as cobblestone

How To Obtain Portals And Obsidian Fast

If you are playing in Survival Mode, then you want to get to the Nether. In order to do this, you will have to gather obsidian as fast as possible. Even if you can’t find the diamond that you need for a pickaxe, you can always build a portal if you find some lava.

You will just need to use a bucket to place some still lava in the location where you want to place the obsidian and, after that, dump water over the lava to harden it. After that, you will have to use a nonflammable block (such as cobblestone) to form the “mold” for the portal and to create the container for the lava.

Mining In The Right Location

Redstones and Diamonds will appear deep underground, but they can also be found quite easily 10 blocks above the bedrock layer. However, keep in mind that this location is full of lava, which means that you are risking a lot.

Getting Experience Points

To get experience in Minecraft, you will have to kill mobs, breed, mine diamonds, redstone, emerald, coal and nether quartz ore. However, if you love to fish, then you should know that this task also gives you experience. At the same time, smelting gives you experience, which you should always do after mining your ores.

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