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Minecraft For Nintendo Switch and Wii U Receive Glide Myths Track Pack Update


Minecraft is a video game that has been designed by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. The developing company was eventually purchased by Microsoft. So, currently, Minecraft is owned by the American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Back when Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft everyone has feared that the company will stop releasing updates of this game for its rival platforms, such as: iOS, Mac OS, PlayStation consoles etc. However, it didn’t take long for Microsoft to react and to confirm that it will keep updating all the platforms without taking advantage of its ownership on Minecraft.

In Minecraft you need to be creative and built constructions by using textured cubes in a 3D generated world. However, that’s not all, as you also have other activities such as: resource gathering, crafting, exploration and even combat.

Anyway, today we will talk about a new update that has been released for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The new update comes with new maps and skins, but also features a Glide Myths Track Pack, allowing you to travel the clouds of Icarus, adventure into Excalibur, and ride into action in Celts.

The new update comes with “Strangers – Biome Settlers 3” skin pack that contains 22 skins, allowing you to dress as End Brewer, End Hunter or Ocean Archer and many others.

The update is already available in the eShop, so if you own a Nintendo Switch or Wii U and you play Minecraft, update your client as soon as possible. The new update also comes with many fixes and changes, including transferable save files between the two consoles.

Minecraft Update For Nintendo Switch And Wii U: Other Changes/Fixes

  • Mob movement in water has been fixed;
  • Zombie Horses can now be leashed;
  • Strays will now run away from Wolves;
  • Endermites and Endermen will now always be hostile to each other;
  • Polar Bears will not attack the players whilst in the peaceful mode;
  • Village Golems will not get attacked by Skeletons anymore;
  • The Wither Skeletons will no longer be afraid of the daylight and they will be hostile to everyone;
  • Wolves will no longer attack mobs that are not in their line of sight;
  • Wooden Shovels are now required for crafting boats;
  • String can now be crafted from Webs;
  • The Farm Villages will start planting seeds a bit more often than before;
  • Pillars and Purpur Blocks can now be used by players to craft Slabs and Purpur Stairs;
  • Observers will now register changes to Flower Pots, Item Frames and Doors;
  • Observers will NOT output multiple signals when lava or water is placed in front of them;
  • Observers will NOT output multiple signals from fire block state changes;
  • Players are now able to craft Diorite, Granite, Andesite (and the polished variants), Redstone Repeaters, Stone Slabs and Redstone Comparators from Stone;
  • Potion duration has been changed;
  • The area that was making players invulnerable during the Mini Game has now been fixed;
  • Zombies will now get stuck in water;
  • Levitation effect all in Capital;
  • Pick Block has been added in Creative mode.

As you can see, the new update has brought many changes to the Minecraft game for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. So, if you play this game on any of these two consoles, we suggest you to open the eShop and update your favorite game as soon as possible.

On what platform are you playing Minecraft? What other new features and options would you like to see being added to this popular game?

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