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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Latest Update Recommendations


Minecraft: Pocket Edition users are looking forward to get the latest updates the next time they play the game. Of course, you wouldn’t want to play the game with the same boring features over and over now, would you?

To address such concerns from the avid users, perhaps a number of update recommendations are needed. Here are some of the important suggestions that you can find in most forums related to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.


1. Official Server Software For The Bedrock Edition

According to an avid fan, it is necessary to have access to the actual server software. This is because server support has been made more mainstream with BTU.

2. Skeletons Drowning

The fact that skeletons don’t have lungs to suffocate, the developers shouldn’t have made them susceptible to drowning. This was based on the suggestions made by another avid fan.

3. Cast Iron

One of the more interesting recommendations is the cast iron. According to this particular contributor, cast iron can be used potentially to make walls, such as cobblestone. Moreover, it would be more resistant to explosion, aside from being used in crafting.

4. Structure: Load Block

Basically, the Structure block can be used to export structures that can accommodate 32x32x32. However, it would be nice if the Structure: Load block can also be introduced so that you can import structures.

5. Experimental Features

One of the experimental features of the recent Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the introduction of certain stuff like the natural swimming, which is really nice. However, there is a problem when sprinting in Creative mode as you move the camera.

Sprinting makes one break blocks which doesn’t stop until the camera is pointed at the sky. Thus, it has been recommended to turn off some features like the disorienting natural swimming.

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