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Minecraft Realms Multiplayer Update Available for Apple TV


Minecraft is still a very popular game played on multiple platforms. However, today we will talk about Minecraft for Apple TV, which is finally receiving Realms Multiplayer that will allow you to purchase servers and play with your friends online.

After installing the latest Minecraft update on your Apple TV, you will notice that the “Realms” feature is activated, which is Minecraft’s subscription-based multiplayer system. We have to mention that this upgraded version also supports “Xbox Live authentication” option, which will allow the players to access their linked character skins and avatars.

After purchasing a “Realms” account, you will receive your own Minecraft server, which is maintained by Microsoft. This means that you will not have to worry about things like hosting or IP addresses, as all of these will be made by the company headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

Keep in mind that you will be able to control who is able to join your private Minecraft Realm in order to make sure that no one is messing up with your world while you are offline. The good thing about “Realms” is that the server is online 24/7, which means that your friends are able to join and keep building and having fun in this game while you are offline.

An official private Minecraft server that allows up to two players in it costs $3.99 per month, while for a ten player Realm you will have to pay $7.99 per month. The bad news is that if you have a friend of yours who already plays Minecraft on Linux, PC or Mac, he will NOT be able to play with you, as these are different platforms.

In other words, there are two separate Realms systems: one for computers and one for mobile handsets that includes iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. We’re not sure if Mojang and Microsoft will decide to connect the two platforms, but that might happen in the future.

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