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Minecraft Receives Fallout Mash-Up Pack At A Good Price


Minecraft and Fallout are two well knows games in their own genres. When the developers have announced that a Fallout pack will be released to Minecraft, most of the fans were very happy, but soon enough, some of them became quite disappointed.

The reason why some of the fans went from ecstasy to agony was because Mojang has released the mentioned pack only for consoles, leaving out the PC gamers. Well, today we have some good news for the gamers that play Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Editions. It seems that the two mentioned Minecraft editions are now finally receiving the Fallout Mash-Up Pack.

Even if this announcement comes after a few months since the pack was released for the Minecraft console editions, we think that it will make many fans very happy. We have to mention that thanks to the Fallout pack, the classic Minecraft game receives a complete overhaul. The green lands and hills will be replaced with a completely brownish landscape, such as the one found in Fallout.

At the same time, you will notice the mutation that will appear everywhere in the Minecraft game. For example, you will be able to find ghouls, huge scorpions, two-headed cows and many other creatures that will roam around the Minecraft game.

In the official announcement, Mojang suggested to “wait until you see what’s happened to the poor llamas,” meaning that llamas were affected also (as expected). To make things even better, you will have over 40 more skins to choose from, including John Hancock, Jangles the Moon Monkey, Fallout Vault Boy and more.

The Minecraft’s Fallout Mash-Up Skin Pack can now be downloaded and installed on the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition and it costs $5.99.

What are your thoughts about the Fallout Mash-Up Skin Pack that has just been released for the Windows 10 and Pocket Editions of Minecraft?

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