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Minecraft Will Allow Creators to Sell Their Content by Adding New Currency


Minecraft will soon see the addition of a Content Marketplace and a new currency. This will be feature within the game and the idea behind it will be to allow content creators to sell their creations and content to other players, basically creating their own businesses within the game.

Going live in this spring, there are already nine businesses set up for selling various content packs in Minecraft. Some of their ‘’products’’ are in-game activities, new storylines and landscapes to explore – with a price range of about 1 to 10 dollars per content. Companies are free to apply for use of the marketplace in the coming months. Those users who want to purchase content will have to buy a form of currency called Minecraft Coins.

According to the game’s executive producer, this will enable creators to put in effort into something that will stand side by side with the same content that Minecraft official has. This will allow content creators to make a living with the help of this market and currency.

Previously to this, the game already had an in-game market but it was only limited to items created by the official development team for Minecraft. This change will permit third-party Devs to sell their own custom made content within the same space and as such permit an entirely new business model for those of a more creative mindset.

The new Minecraft Coins can be bought on any of the supported devices that have an app store, like Android, iOS and Windows. The coins will exist in a Virtual Wallet that the user has on their Microsoft Xbox Live account and will be accessible for purchases on all platforms. We have not yet received and exact figure as to the percentages the developers would receive from the revenue share but we do know that it will be over half.

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