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New Call of Duty World War II Leak Reveals Many New Details


If you’re a devout Call of Duty fan, then you might already know that the new game in the series, Call of Duty WW2, was announced earlier this week by developer Activision. The company gave only minor hints about what the game will look like. Moreover, Activision suggested that fans stay tuned for the livestream on April 26 at 6 p.m. BST in order to find out more details about what this new title will include.

However, as it often happens, a major leak has already occurred just a few days before the official livestream. The leak offers some pretty important information on the game’s setting and storyline, much to the excitement of worldwide fans. On top of that, the leak seems to be quite reliable, because it comes from potential promo materials.

All the Details

The leaked game description details that the game will begin with the Normandy landings on D-Day in 1944, and then it will unfold with various battles across Europe in the most iconic locations of World War II. The description also reads that, among others, players can experience “the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.” Thus, it becomes more than obvious that you will be fighting against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

On top of that, the new COD WW2 will come with new ways to interact online within the community by joining up with friends in co-op stories. If you’re excited to have an exclusive look at the new game in the beloved first-person shooter series, you can preorder it now and enter the private beta testing before the game’s official release.

All in all, the new leak comes with pretty exciting information. Stay tuned for April 26 for the official statement offered by Activision.

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