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New Clash of Clans Update for May 2017


Every Clash of Clans player in the world has been eagerly waiting for the new shipwreck feature to be delivered with the next massive game update that developer Supercell is bound to provide. And while we all knew it will come eventually, until now we had almost no idea how it will look like. But now we can gather some info on the new and upcoming shipwreck features from an image leaked to Reddit, as well as a new teaser video that is circulating on the Internet these days.

Clash of Clans Will Finally Have Shipwreck

The teaser trailer that spills the beans on the features of the new shipwreck mod has been leaked from Japan, and it shows unprecedented images of Pig, Wizard and Hog Rider, who all are wondering what might lay on the other side of the ocean. When Pig replies that he has no clue, Wizard proposes the gang go and find out by using a boat. Then the Shipwreck boat with the three characters inside sails across the ocean and thus the video comes to an end.

This is clear confirmation that the much-expected Shipwreck feature is finally coming soon to Clash of Clans players worldwide. The feature will most likely be used in order to implement multi-village support, which allows players to manage more than one settlement at any given time. This has been a long-expected and much-desired update, and we’re glad to see Supercell finally giving it to us.

On top of that, the new update is also rumored to finally bring out Night Mode, another improvement that players have been demanding for quite some time now. However, it must be noted that Supercell are yet to announce a date for this upcoming massive update. While rumors suggest the date will be announced this month, we’ll have to wait and see.

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