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New Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Is Coming Soon


Back when Mass Effect: Andromeda launched in March 2017, many players were disappointed in the overall gameplay and performance of the much-expected game. Many have reported that the game is boring, glitch and the characters are just plain bad. However, it’s true that if you played the game enough and got through the starting planets and companions, it actually got good. However, it was still no match for its predecessors.

Now, the development team at BioWare Montreal has launched yet another patch for the game that aims to fix some more annoying errors that fell through the cracks with previous patches. However, the team is keeping quiet about what the patch actually will consist of. Michael Gamble, one of the members of the development team, confirmed that they are indeed working on a new patch, but declined to give out further information on that matter.

It’s no secret that Mass Effect: Andromeda’s main flaw is its awkward animation, which unfortunately was obvious ever since the first trailers hit the web a while ago. Fans ridiculed it for that, especially considering that even the human characters look otherworldly due to poor animation. However, many still expected the game to be better in its final form, but it just wasn’t.

Now many are left to wonder whether or not yet another patch will fix these issues. Considering on how widely spread the animation problem is, the truth is it might never get fixed. However, it’s too soon to tell. And, in the end, it’s nice to see that the developers behind Mass Effect: Andromeda isalways working hard to fix as much as they can of the reported issues, and truly take fan opinions into consideration. As for the newest announced patch, only time will tell if it will fix anything.

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