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No DLC or Expansion for Mass Effect Andromeda


The original Mass Effect game was one that many loved and still remember to this day as one of the best games every made. So, when another installment in the series was announced, people were excited to say the least. But when Mass Effect: Andromeda initially came out, the game was met with a lot of backlash from players all across the world. People complained about its poor graphics, awful characters, tedious starting planets and companions and overall static and boring gameplay.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Mediocre is an Overstatement

In fact, the game’s graphics were so poor and the characters looked so deplorable because of it that many hated the game even from the initial trailers. However, the truth about it is that it gets moderately good once you get into it and play for a few hours. Although the start is boring, if you manage to get through it, the game is ok.

Still, many hoped that it would get better with a new expansion. This mysterious yet highly coveted DLC has been rumored about for months now. But all hope for it is officially lost, as the game’s developers have announced they will release the final bundle of extra APEX missions and then no new stuff will come to the game. It’s unfortunate that they gave up on Mass Effect: Andromeda so easily, but it’s understandable that it’s more effective and profitable to focus on other projects and just let this mediocre game end on the same note.

Defeat the Kett

The latest such mission that has been added to the game is brought along by Kandros, the main commander of the Heleus militia. Kandros has some problems with The Kett, and you need to help him overcome this threat. This mission can be played together with friends, or by sending out APEX strike teams and looting everything in sight.

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