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Pokémon Go Future Update Will Fix GPS Spoofing Issues


It seems that Niantic is finally working on one of the biggest issues that are found on the Pokémon Go game.

We remind you that since the Pokémon Go was released in July 2016, the server had many problems and issues. Sometimes, the server simply crashed, while other times, some of the features were missing. Also, it was quite hard to get a Legendary Pokémon in this game and this was quite frustrating for the players.

While most of the problems have been fixed, there is an issue that the developers have somehow ignored until now and this is “GPS spoofing.” If you haven’t heard of “GPS Spoofing” before, then you should know that this is possible when players use a particular tool to move around the map in Pokémon GO, without actually moving.

This is quite annoying, as most of you are probably walking a few kilometers a day in order to find Pokémon creatures. At the same time, the players that are using these kinds of tools are able to check into gyms anywhere they want and take it back from players who physically visit the area in order to take it for their team.

With GPS Spoofing, the players are able to easily catch Pokémon without leaving the house, which is a real issue when it comes to the competitive aspect of the game. However, it seems that Niantic has finally announced that they are working in a way to stop GPS spoofing. The developers have also added that thanks to reports from legit gamers, they will be able to easily track the players that are using these kinds of tools.

We also remind you that Google is somehow helping Niantic, as the Android 7.1 OS is already flagging applications that fake the location of the device. Even if this can be bypassed by just downgrading to Android 6.0, it is a good step that the big search engine company is taking.

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