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Pokémon GO Update Released for iOS and Android Comes With Various Bugs Fixes


Pokémon GO is a free to play augmented reality game that has been developed by Niantic for mobile devices running on iOS and Android. The game had an awesome start with million of gamers playing it, but it didn’t take long for the hype to end.

Since then, the developing company is trying hard to keep players interested by releasing new updates with new features and options. Today we will talk about the latest Pokémon Go Update that has been released for iOS and Android devices.

First of all we have to mention that the iOS has received the Pokémon Go version 1.31.0 while the Android has got the Pokémon Go version 0.61.0. This has been confirmed by Niantic last night on its official website. In concordance with the patch notes, it seems that this update brings the Traditional Chinese to the game.

In the patch notes we’ve also noticed that the update has updated the Pokémon collection screen scroll bar. As expected, the update also fixes “various bugs.” We have to mention that when the developing company is using words like these in the patch notes, it means that it has solved a few small things that were affecting the game, which were not that major to be worth mentioning.

We have to mention that this is the first time when both iOS and Android platforms get a Pokémon Go update in over two weeks. We remind you that the previous update has been released back in March 21, 2017.

We have to mention if you are looking closely in the code of these updates, you will often see what the developing company is planning to release in the future. This is how some fans have discovered that Niantic will release a “buddy” system weeks before the company has officially announced it.

Hopefully, the fans will find something new in the latest Pokémon Go update that will lead them to some information regarding the upcoming features that will be added to this game.

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