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Prey Update – What You Need to Know


Prey is the most recent game that was released recently. Oddly enough, you might find it familiar, since in a weird manner it includes many bits and pieces from other well-loved games. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem from this introduction, so move on and see a thing or two you need to know about the game.

Pick Up Everything

If with other games you have to pick up everything and collect all the items, here you will have to use every single item. Food is useful for health, spare parts will come in handy when you repair things etc.


An interesting thing about the game is that you can recycle flowers, trash and cigars. You can even throw extra weapons in the recycler, and you will receive in exchange raw material (exotic, mineral, organic or synthetic). As such, look around for the nearest recycler at all times.

Check the Rooms

The game in itself is kind of straightforward, so you won’t need to waste time. However, is the direct path the best? Take your time and check every door and room on your way to the destination, you never know what you’re going to find in there: ammo, weapons, plans, precious trash or keycards.

Check Computers

Don’t just pass by the computers around. If you look through everybody’s emails closely, you will find some optional objectives and even keycodes for the rooms you didn’t have access to. Moreover, you can download maps that will be helpful along the way.

Charge the Wrench Swings

The wrench is the first and the basic weapon you pick up in the game. Thankfully, it won’t run out of ammo and you don’t need to reload it. However, if you hold down the attack button, you will have a more powerful swing. You’re welcome!

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