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The Release Date of GTA 6 and GTA 6 Online


Rockstar has not mentioned anything about GTA 6 yet and there are already players who are wondering if this game will truly be released in 2020, as previous rumors have suggested.

First of all, we have to say that we’re currently in the first half of 2017, so there is still plenty of time until 2020. However, at the same time, we have to mention that a game like this might take at least two years to develop, as the GTA fans have huge expectations and Rockstar knows this very well.

Unfortunately, Rockstar has not mentioned that it is currently working on GTA 6 and instead it is still working on updates for the GTA 5 Online platform. We have to mention that the GTA 5 Online is still played by many gamers out there and there are even new gamers who are purchasing it nowadays.

And since Rockstar notices that it is still making a good amount of money from GTA 5 Online, it’s not very interested in a sequel to this game yet. However, we think that in about 1-2 years, things will not be very good with the GTA 5 Online and the developers will need to be ready (or almost ready) to launch the GTA 6.

At the same time, let’s not forget that the developers prefer to not reveal too much information about an upcoming game in order to keep the hype as high as possible. However, we think that Rockstar should bring some kind of official news regarding the GTA 6 and some of their plans for this upcoming game.

The GTA fans might get angry and say that after so many years, Rockstar has not mentioned anything about an upcoming sequel, which may not be very good for the company. This being said, we think that some official information about the GTA 6 will be revealed by Rockstar in the upcoming months.

When it comes to the release date, we think that the GTA 6 will arrive sometime in 2020-2021, shortly after the next-generation consoles will hit the stores.

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