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The Return of The Street Fighter II on SNES Cartridges and Its Issues


It appears that 2017 is the nostalgia year. The film directors, musicians, designers and much more seem to have taken a mouthful of member berries and this is why this period is now all about “bring the 70s back” or the remaking of a certain “Star Wars” episode.

Even the game developers have been subject to the nostalgia fever year. A thing that could prove this statement is the news that regarding the return of Street Fighter II. In fact, this is actually really exciting since the game is approximately 30 years old.

The idea of revitalizing Street Fighter II belongs to Capcom, the Japanese video game developer, and iam8bit. The only bad part about the whole thing is the fact that Street Fighter II will meet the market in a sort of limited edition, only 5,500 copies being available at a pretty expensive price.

Other surprising news is related to the fact that the game will only be playable on SNES cartridges. Even though the game developers are very proud of their newly- released product there is still one problem. On the back of the product, it is written a little concerning message stating that the SNES cartridges could easily overheat and catch fire. Besides this, the game should only be used with SNES cartridges only if there is a fire extinguisher nearby. The explanation was simple, namely the SNES hardware is very old and it should be used carefully.

The people are hoping that iam8bit are forced by the law to place that message on the product but since the company’s words were very clear in another recent statement regarding the same aspect, there is now no doubt. Iam8bit and Capcom said that they cannot be held responsible for any damage playing the game on the vintage SNES hardware could do and that people should really be aware of the danger.

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