Remember New Orleans

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

A reader writes…

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for listing my website as a business to support last Christmas 2005. Every bit is so appreciated. As you well know, we are still very much hurting down here. Everyone (all levels of govt) seems to be passing the buck and the people here are paying the price. Ray Nagin is acting like an idiot and God only knows what the future holds for my once beautiful city. I urge you to encourage people to shop New Orleans again this upcoming Holiday season. Many businesses are closing and I am praying that the Holiday season will help out some of the shops and businesses online. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult rebuilding period.

Best wishes,

Heather Elizabeth
Heather Elizabeth Designs
[email protected]


Our thoughts are with you too Heather.

Readers, if you can, try to check out these retailers in New Orleans I listed last year. I’m sure they could still use our help.


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One Response to “Remember New Orleans”

  1. N. Mallory Says:

    I’m so happy to see so many of those businesses on that list. Earthsavers is a fabulous place to get a massage, for example.

    I’d also like to add Island of Salvation Botanica

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