1000 Words

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A massive, communal spider web that thousands of spiders shared has been washed away…

It is a sad day for spider-lovers.

Most of the webs that made national news are gone in Lake Tawakoni State Park — washed and blown away by the storms that hit Hunt County on Friday.

But that didn’t stop visitors from flocking to the state park Saturday to get a glimpse of the remnants of what entomologists have described as a “very rare” occurrence — thousands of spiders co-existing and building spider webs along a 200-yard stretch of the park.

Friday’s storms have displaced thousands of spiders, who appear to be frantically rebuilding their webs, said Donna Garde, park superintendent.

“They’re all (still) there,” Garde said. “They are just not in those great webs. They’re hungry. They’re building furiously.”

Doesn’t that last sentence sound ominously creepy? They’re hungry. They’re building furiously. And they’re coming to get you!!!

You can find the original photo at the bottom of the page, along with other photos courtesy of TheNewsRoom.

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One Response to “1000 Words”

  1. DosPeros Says:

    Meanwhile, Spider Brown of the Spider Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is taking a schellacking for his total incompetence in dealing with this emergency. Spiders are being displaced to other forests and no one is helping them rebuild their webs.

    Look Spiders are obvsiously stupid little socialist bugs. Not one spider considered putting his web somewhere else – what? cheap spider healthcare, a minimum webspinning wage, free government flies – I don’t get it. And I personally don’t feel sorry for them. If I had been a spider in that forest, you can bet I would have several webs — all adequately insured through Spider Bureau. The smart spiders are suppose to bail them out now?

    Ron “Spider” Paul 2008

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