Obama’s Latest Pastor Woes Could Have Silver Lining

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Race, Religion, Video

Obama has already condemned Comedian Father Michael Pfleger, and his connection to this joker seems tenuous at best, but that’s not going to stop people from associating Obama with remarks he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Here’s a story from the Today Show…

Honestly, I think this might help Obama. Eventually, people are going to get sick of this “pastor”, “father”, “acquaintance” nonsense, and every time somebody says something idiotic like this it gives Obama a chance to talk about unity.

And hey, if people want to make Obama responsible for every single thing that somebody has said in the past, they can make that argument. Frankly, I think voters are smarter than that.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Latest Pastor Woes Could Have Silver Lining”

  1. ArthurDental Says:

    You can make excuses but maybe the problem is that religious leaders from Wright to this to Robertson and Hagee are the main perpetrators of hate, and Obama certainly associates with a lot of them. Maybe it was just for political convenience, but hey, you sow what you seed. And let’s look at a few of his own words, shall we?

  2. cfete Says:

    The past?
    I guess we now classify a matter of months as the past.
    I say welcome to the future.
    Obama will win, and this is exactly what you will hear in the future.

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