Obama Raises $51M In July

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Independents, McCain, Money, Republicans

For comparison, McCain raised $27M. Obviously, Obama is just crushing his Republican counterpart in the money game, but it’s still less than his haul of $52M in June.

Politico has some more details…

McCain’s attacks probably helped, as did big money from new former Clinton donors; but the fact that he can raise this much in the summer doldrums suggests his ceiling will be higher when people start paying attention after Labor Day.

The campaign says the more than $51 million raised includes contributions from more than 65,000 new donors.

The point about this being a lull in the election cycle is of particular note, but my guess is that numbers for both candidates will be down when August is said and done.

Also of note…

[...] he nearly matched the roughly $53 million raised by rival Sen. John McCain and the Republican National Committee combined in July.

And, for the first time since 2004, the DNC outraised the RNC, $28M to $26M. So Dems rustled up a total of $79M to the Repubs $53M.

More as it develops…

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