A Quick Glimpse Into The Project 9/12 Tea Parties

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Video

I won’t say that this represents all of these parties, but some delicious crazy starts at 2 minutes in. Basically, the argument can be summed up as Obama wanted to wait until June to put in the digital TV converters in so he could brainwash people.

I’m not kidding…

A big thank you to Glenn Beck and Fox News for helping create this. Very entertaining.

By the way, Libertarians need to run FAR away from these folks if they ever want to build a viable third party.

(h/t: BTB)

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13 Responses to “A Quick Glimpse Into The Project 9/12 Tea Parties”

  1. michael reynolds Says:

    I am shocked, shocked I say, to discover that Glen Beck fans are nuts.

  2. gerryf Says:

    Don’t worry….marketing got into this mess and marketing will get us out!

  3. RP Says:

    Well, it’s pretty clear someone’s been brainwashed.

  4. Kevin Jackson Says:

    It’s reminiscent of the Alexandra Pelosi documentary. She was travelling with the McCain campaign and repeatedly at different spots around the country people were making racist comments. At one point, she said, “It’s going to look like I am trying to make your side look bigoted. You don’t really mean that do you?” The response was something to the effect, “I don’t care, I won’t vote for no nigger”

    Why do they feel comfortable in that party? Clearly not all Republicans are racists. But if you feel that way about the world… I’ve never heard anyone at a Democratic event standing up proudly for racist views. It might happen but it would be exceptional. When you see people like this guy and the people at the Palin events I think you’d have to say that the unhinged have found the party they feel comfortable to be in.

    I’ve heard it said that you’re known by the friends you keep. McCain gave me the feeling through the years that he was a much better man than many who voted for him. Sad that he ended the way he did.

  5. enginerd Says:

    It’s really just the one speaker that’s insane.

  6. Chris Says:

    Wow people are retarded insane. No wonder republicans cater to them, easy votes.

  7. TerenceC Says:

    I don’t agree that anyone is being brainwashed, or that my kids in college are being brainwashed (I thought they were studying Biology), or that the books about Evolution should be burned. I did hear the Fred Mertz clone say that the media lies to us, that’s pretty accurate. The meeting looked suspiciously like any VFW meeting I have ever attended. A bunch of people sitting around getting “jarred” because they had nothing better to do.

    The anger and frustration is real though and that’s how third parties are born. The loser social issues will be jettisoned by someone who knows how to market. The evangelicals will stay in the R party, and a third party with a platform of 8 to 10 well defined points could receive a lot of votes in 2012. The two party system doesn’t serve the voters, it only serves those who are part of the Political Industrial Complex. It’s in their vested interest to insure that third, fourth, even fifth parties don’t get any traction. A new political party or two could help force accountability back into the process, because we all know there’s very little there now.

  8. Vast Says:

    Burn the Books? Isn’t that something Nazi Germany did?

  9. 9-12 Project : Vast Variety Says:

    [...] this really the type of groups that Glen Beck and Fox News wants to foster into existence? Head Nod: Justin Gardner Sphere: Related ContentOctober 8, 2008 — Hannity Profanity [...]

  10. Rob Says:

    So….the people that are too poor or too far from civilization to get cable are the target of brainwashing? Hmm, good luck with all that…

  11. Zeph Says:

    Just know that these are Beckians. The people trying to resist the takeover of the protests by these morons dislike the extremes on both political sides. We are non-partisan and definitely do not believing in burning books, destroying knowledge, etcetera.

  12. Welcome to Glenn Beck's America: Tea Party Feature The Ignorant and Delusional | Prose Before Hos Says:

    [...] Also: The Tea Baggers’ Strange Brew, A Quick Glimpse Into The Project 9/12 Tea Parties, The Degree To Which Fox News Isn’t Trying Is Amazing, I got your leading conservative [...]

  13. Laura Says:

    You want to talk about people pushing propaganda and one-sidedness. Mr. Justin Gardner it’s called sarcasm, but he’s not far off the mark. We already have had people calling obana (and you notice I did capitalize that) the messiah. How arrogant of him to not even stop that. He wants to brain wash these people. He has already brainwashed so much of society into believing that everbody owes them something. In the words of Thomas Jefferson “A government big enough to give everything to you, is strong enough to take everything from you.” obama said it himself in his campaign speeches, but not enough people looked into it. “Judge me by the people I surround myself with”. Well let’s look at that. Van Jones, the so called Green Job Czar, a self proclaimed communist, marxist, socialist and creator of s.t.o.r.m. who also wants to take everybodys money from them and give it away. Ezekiel Manual who believes that life is only valuable between the ages of 2 and 49 because after the age of 50 you are worthless and that abortion should be a viable option up until the age of 2. His brother Rahm Manual whose beliefs are just as bad he is just not as verbal as his brother is about them. How about Mark Lloyd, the diversity czar, who wants to do away with freedom of speech. Not directly mind you. They are gonna come thru the back door. The government will make it so that no privately owned newspaper, radio, t.v. station etc. will be able to afford to stay open. They’ll be charged taxes of 100%of their operating costs for the year to start. Next they will be evaluated on a point system of diversity on which white people are not even included. If you have for example 3 people working for you and all of them are white you get so many points deducted. If all of them are men you get so many points deducted. Then the fines will be so extraordinarily heavy that this is the next way they get ya. When you can’t pay the taxes or the fines they take your business and ten automatically sell it to a minority group only. Wow this is fair and what America was built on. What is so very sad and interesting is that this happened once before in history and noone seems to recognize it. His name was Adolf Hitler. This is not a fight that runs on party lines. This is what they want us to do and stay at each others throats, to keep us occupied. This is a fight to keep our republic. It took 220 years to build this great republic of ours and it being destroyed in months right before our eyes. This used t be a government, by the people, of the people, for the people. It is now a government, by the government, of the government, for the government -to hell with the people. Your guts are telling you that what is going on today with our government is not right. Listen to it. It is time to take our government back.

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