Happy New Decade’s Eve…

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It can’t be worse than the Aughts…

Really. It can’t. Can it?

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8 Responses to “Happy New Decade’s Eve…”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    It can always get worse. For example, if the US dollar lost its status as Earth’s reserve currency.

  2. mw Says:

    Thanks Kranky. Excuse me. I’ve got to get back out on the ledge.

  3. True Time Says:

    Good News, Donklephant!

    1.The 100th year of the 20th Century and last year of the 2nd Millennium was definitely and indisputably 2000.

    2.The 1st year of the first decade of the 21st Century and of the 3rd Millennium was definitely and indisputably 2001 – obviously. The clue is in the number ‘1?.

    3.The 10th and last year of the first decade of the 21st century will be 2010 – obviously. The clue is in the number ‘10?.

    4.The last day of the first decade of the 21st century and 3rd millennium will definitely and indisputably be December 31st 2010.

    There is a concerted effort by the BBC and other major media players to deny these facts for cynical commercial branding and packaging purposes. This is an abuse of their position of information stream control domination.

    Clear thinkers will ignore them and respect and express true and honest chronological facts and conventions.

    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,one more to go!

    Wishing all Donklephants everywhere a Happy New Year and Prosperous and Accurate 10th and Last Year of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century in 2010.

    Let’s hope the 10th and Last Year of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century – 2010 – brings us more warmth and humanity worldwide than all of the previous 9 years. We will then be in a much better position to look forward more joyfully and harmoniously to the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century when it arrives on the 1st of January 2011 :


  4. mw Says:

    All that is represented in this post by either Nick Gillespie or me, is that the decade just passed was called the Aughts (which it was), that it sucked (which it did), and that the decade to come is the decade after the Aughts (which it is). I mean – the “Sixties” started in 1960 – did it not? This nomenclature has nothing to do with the positioning of the common names for the decades within the numerical sequencing of centuries.

    In any case, I think your thesis was voted down by general worldwide acclamation on January 1, 2000. Thanks for the thought, though.

    I hate it when I write comments that are longer than the post.

  5. Trescml Says:

    It could be worse if China decides it can live without US consumers and pulls the plug on funding our debt. My guess is that will happen in the roaring 20s.

  6. Frank Hagan Says:

    Looking back over the 9 year decade, it ought not to be considered the “aughts”, as most people simply said “oh-” for the year, as in “oh-four”, “oh-eight”. Somehow, labeling the period between the election in 2000 and the New Year just ushered in the “Oh!” years seems to fit.

  7. Worst Decade Ever? - Justin Gardner - Political Pulse - True/Slant Says:

    [...] (h/t: Donklephant) [...]

  8. Nick Benjamin Says:

    I like Aught. I rhymes with Naught, as in”all for naught.”

    The alternative (Ohs) sounds like a Sesame Street episode.

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