Is National Journal Building A News Channel?

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Most active political bloggers get between 20 – 30 emails a day from PR companies and other news sources trying to get you to write about their news. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of releases from National Journal about new journos they’re adding to their team. I noticed a few higher profile names, but this latest one is a much bigger fish jumping into NJ’s pond so I thought I’d share.

Former Fox News correspondent Major Garrett is joining the team…

Washington, D.C. (August 25, 2010) — National Journal Group announced today that award-winning political journalist Major Garrett is joining National Journal as a Congressional Correspondent, reporting and providing analysis across all of National Journal Group’s publications.

Garrett comes to National Journal from Fox News Channel, where he is currently the Chief White House Correspondent. During his eight years at Fox News, Garrett also covered Congress, two presidential elections, the war in Iraq, and many other issues of national importance. He will join Sue Davis, recently hired from the Wall Street Journal, to lead National Journal’s Congressional coverage.

“Major Garrett is the embodiment of the new team we’re building here at National Journal,” said Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier. “He is known across Washington as one of the hardest-working journalists in the business, a fierce competitor on his beat, and a good and decent man. It is a rare combination, and one we’re incredibly lucky to be bringing into our newsroom.”

So that’s Garrett, but what about the others?

Here’s some more about the team NJ has been putting together…

In the last several weeks, National Journal Group has added several talented writers, editors, and analysts, including veteran magazine writer and editor Matt Cooper, political analyst Matthew Dowd, The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, USA Today’s Aamer Madhani, the Wall Street Journal’s Yochi Dreazen, Sue Davis, and Fawn Johnson, Politico’s Josh Kraushaar, Coral Davenport, and Tim Alberta, the Tribune Washington Bureau’s Jim Tankersley, Campaigns and Elections’ Jeremy Jacobs, Modern Healthcare’s Matt Dobias, and more. Further announcements will be coming in the next days and weeks.

National Journal Group, which includes premium publications such as National Journal, CongressDaily, Hotline, The Almanac of American Politics, and Global Security Newswire, is undergoing a transformation that will build upon its reputation for intelligence and depth, infusing it with currency and speed.

All this for online news? Or could they be thinking about something more public? In Garrett’s case, you don’t go from being the Chief White House Correspondent to a different gig unless it’s something as big or bigger than that.


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2 Responses to “Is National Journal Building A News Channel?”

  1. Agnostick Says:

    So, has anyone found a way to work the annual subscription rate of $1,160 into their budget? If so, is it a fairly centered, non-partisan publication?

    [email protected]

  2. Chris Says:

    Maybe he just wanted to work somewhere that had the slightest bit of integrity?

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