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I had no interest in “The Wedding!” today but my wife DVR’d it and I ended up watching. I enjoyed thinking about the politics of the wedding and couldn’t help thinking of my favorite “crystal-clutching-hobbit-dork” series A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m sure there’s all kinds of intrigue happening behind the scenes here.

Two things stuck out for me today:

1. It seems the whole country (ours) has turned into my 4 year old daughter – joining in her complete obsession for all things princess, wedding and ballroom.

2. The people who brought a giant American flag to the front of the crowd where everyone entered the church. “Yeah, your Prince may be getting married but WE’RE FROM AMERICA, B*TCHES!”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nick Benjamin Says:

    Song of Ice and Fire eh? I was addicted to that series until he killed off most of the main characters at the Red Wedding. The first five-year wait between books didn’t help. The fact that the current five-year wait is for the second half of a book that was supposed to be released in 2005 helps less. Wheel of Time is a lot longer (13 books so far), but the last book is due early next year. And the main characters still aren’t dead.

    As for the Royal Wedding, I was mostly interested in stuff most don’t care about, like which title Prince William would get as a wedding present (my money was on Duke of Clarence, or some of his father’s subsidiary titles by writ of acceleration), and Kate Middleton’s Coat of Arms.

    I’m not really surprised the wedding dominated the media. After all the crap we’ve been through with the economy and the debt debates it was time for a positive news story. It’s pretty hard to spin this as negative, and it’s virtually impossible for them not to cover it. Like it or not 10% of CNN’s target market are Canadians, and Prince William will be King of Canada eventually. Add in the Princess-loving four-year-old demo, their parents, and people like me who romanticize the monarchy and it’s virtually impossible to think of a scenario where Prince William’s marriage isn’t the number one story of the week.

    However there’s potentially a much more significant story coming out of Canada. They’re having an election on Monday. If the polling holds the socialist New Democrats will come in second, beating the Obama-style Liberal Party. This may not happen — when you’ve got a four-horse race polling accurately is difficult, and even if the polls are accurate NDP poll numbers tend to be soft because they’re a third party — but if it does, and the Conservatives don’t win a majority (typically you need 40%, 42% to guarantee, and the Torys’re are stuck at 38-9%), it’s entirely possible that on the Liberals will join an NDP-led coalition and Canada will be led by a socialist.

    And this will all be a done deal by Tuesday.

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