Finally, Obama gets tough!

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From David Donar of Political Graffiti

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5 Responses to “Finally, Obama gets tough!”

  1. gerryf Says:

    the best editorial cartoons always strike close to the truth…this one depresses me because it is is too accurate.

    There was a point during the debt ceiling debate where things got heated and Obama reportedly dressed down Rep Eric Cantor with a “Don’t test me.” or something like that.

    At the time, the left did the old “ooooh, Obama did a beat down on woosy little Cantor.”

    Instead, he and his pals went off to some corner and laughed at him because like those dicks we all knew in junior high they knew the teacher wouldn’t do jack.

    Ultimately, Dems just lack the killer instinct. They need a Dick Cheney or a Tom Delay to not only keep their own in line but to scare the crap out of the other party.

    Obama, if he ever had a chance to lay down some lumber, blew it a long time ago. Now he’s like the guy who draws a line in the sand and just backs up all the way across the beach when the bully steps over it

    (ps, I hate these stupid captchas)

  2. Mudge Says:

    Portraying Obama and Congress as adversaries buys into the official narrative and misses the point entirely. They are the good cop/bad cop that we’re being sold. They work together. Get it?

  3. Dermasis Says:

    Let’s not forget Chairman Ben and his predecessor Alan

  4. Kathy Weemer Says:


    You couldn’t be more right when you said “Portraying Obama and Congress as adversaries buys into the official narrative and misses the point entirely. They are the good cop/bad cop that we’re being sold. They work together. Get it?”

    We need to dissolve the administration, design a new political system where there is equal opportunity. Haven’t you noticed that the Repubs/Dems are just 2 side of the same coin? It’s simply the WWE wrestling setup, these guys yell at each other in the ring, then later the same evening are having beers and whooping it up.

    When are Americans going to get off of their fat lazy butts? Where is the outrage at the crimes that have been committed against the American people?

    When are people going to realize that the future of the country is in jeopardy, and by allowing the same folks to keep running things, we are headed for our own destruction. It is the fall of the Roman Empire all over again….

    Get your guns and butter!


  5. Belinda Stroming Says:

    When did Obama became tough? Even if he puts on his ‘tough face’ I wouldn’t be frightened of him. He is just a puppet running on strings.

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